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11-14-2011 Cottonwood Canyon and Jordan River Trail (25 miles)

Today I got two expeditions for the price of one! The first was a short hike in Cottonwood Canyon. The trailhead starts at 7400 feet above sea level, so there was quite a lot of snow (which unfortunately became slushy … Continue reading

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11-12-2011 Salt Lake City, UT

Our plans for today were stymied. But, they say life happens when you’re making other plans, so I wasn’t too worried. We wanted to go to the Natural History Museum, but it was closed, and did not advertise that tiny … Continue reading

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10-08-11 Great Sand Dunes National Park, Part 1

Be ye forewarned: The next series of posts are out of order! So much for continuity. But it’ll be worth it, trust me. So I left off in Taos Junction, New Mexico. The morning of the 8th of October was … Continue reading

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2011 Road Trip recap (#1)

I have received puzzled questions from friends and family alike, wondering where we are, where we have been, and are we really moving to Colorado? So, here’s a little recap of our cross-country meandering, to date. In the form of … Continue reading

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10-28-11 Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park

This post is heavy on the science, mainly because I felt the need to say something other than “We saw pretty things! Here they are!” So if that is not your cup of tea, feel free to let your eyes … Continue reading

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10-27-11 Yellowstone (day 1)

We drove up to Yellowstone National Park today, wanting to get there before most of the roads close on November 7th for winter road maintenance. I have to admit, this was all Louis’s idea. I had heard of Old Faithful, … Continue reading

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10-7-11 Jack’s Creek to Taos Junction, NM

I’m currently sitting in a Brewing Market in downtown Boulder trying to stay awake. With all the travelling, I’d cut back my caffeine consumption to half-a-cup of coffee a day, and that seems to work just fine for hiking and … Continue reading

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10-5-11 Storrie Lake, NM to Jack’s Creek campground

It was pretty amazing to wake up in such a beautiful place after having arrived in the pitch darkness the night before. I’d seen pictures on the internet of course, but nothing like being there! I went on a bit … Continue reading

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10-4-11 Edmond, OK to Storrie Lake, NM (512 miles)

We were a day late in setting off, due to an electrical issue with the car. She spent a day in the shop at the mercy of mechanics who never did figure out the problem. A fuse kept blowing and … Continue reading

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Church, bike ride, and dinner with Grandma

Had quite a busy day, starting off with the late morning service at church, followed by a community lunch to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the church charter. Oddly enough, Louis was the youngest signatory of the initial charter, at … Continue reading

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Seeing more folks

The evenings in Oklahoma have been quite chilly (mid to high 50s), so I took advantage of the early morning cool air by taking a barefoot walk around the neighborhood. Walked by at least four garage sales (or tag sales, … Continue reading

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Grayson, KY to Sullivan, MO (494 miles)

I don’t think I’ve fully caught up with the huge distance we covered today. I passed through three states I’d never seen before (Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri), made my first on-land crossing of the Mississippi river, and my first on-land … Continue reading

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