IVF – Embryo Report

Just got the call, and we have two blastocysts! That’s 100% more than I expected last week, so I am thrilled. Now feel free to let your eyes glaze over for a minute, because even I do not understand the following: We have one Day 5 grade 3AB blastocyst and one Day 6 5BD blastocyst. I know. Your guess is as good as mine!

I’m fairly certain we’ll try a transfer with the Day 5 3AB, as that’s a more promising grade, but either of them could potentially become a perfectly healthy child if found to be chromosomally normal. The early slow start can mean something, or it can mean absolutely nothing (Biology has a lot of self-correcting mechanisms).

Still, this is all good assuming one or both of them are chromosomally normal. If they aren’t, then we’re back to square one. But at least for now it’s reasonable to hope that we can move forward and try to implant one of these blastocysts. Still so much has to go right for it to work, but some steps in that process are more of a “sure thing” than others.

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