IVF – Blastocyst Report

We finally got results from the genetic screening, and both embryos were normal!! This is the best possible news, and means that we have two chances to get pregnant. The 3AB blastocyst has a 70% chance of success and the 5BD has a 65% chance of success, so altogether that’s a 90% chance that one of them will result in a pregnancy. I like those odds! I’ll take it! So we will go ahead and transfer the 3AB blastocyst, because that one has the highest chance of success.

So, most likely this means that we won’t have to go through another IVF, which would be amazing. The transfer date is set for September 17th, 2019. That seems like an eternity from now, but we’ll get there somehow. They have me on birth control until September (I have no idea why) and then another boatload of meds starting on September 1st leading up to the transfer. The good thing about this phase, what is called the “transfer cycle”, is that none of the meds are injections! I’m sure being on crazy hormones again is going to be a bore, but I’ll get through it. Onwards!

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