IVF – Injection Day #1

We survived the first day of injections! Wow that was nerve wracking. Reconstituting the drugs (mixing powder with liquid) and injecting turned out to be pretty complicated and quite annoying. The instructional videos are all severely lacking in detail. There are just so many things that can go wrong, between needle tips bending and impossible air bubbles and different requirements for each type of drug. One of the drugs is injected via a little pen instead of a syringe. That’s great, but it just adds another skill that you have to learn and has it’s own unique quirks and annoyances. Holy cow. The first day is hard.

We did everything 95% correctly, which I think is great for the first day. The only thing we messed up was we forgot to count to 5 after injecting the Omnitrope before removing the needle, so we lost about 10% of the dose (it kinda leaked out of the injection site, weirdly). Not a huge deal. After day 4 they may adjust my dosage depending on the ultrasound results, so if need be we can tweak the dosage up a bit, whatever is needed. But I’ll admit, after all the stress and obsessively watching instructional videos, it was hard to mess up, even if it was a small and ultimately inconsequential mistake. Dang. IVF is hard, not just because of what your body goes through, but how much of the medicine is really in your own hands. This is not for the faint of heart!

So yeah, the drugs are in my system now. Evidently. I have a large headache (that is one of the side effects of both Menopur and Gonal F). I already feel like I can’t button up my jeans, but I was on the edge of that anyway (sigh). So yeah. Here’s to surviving the next ten days. This could get….. interesting. Stay tuned.

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  1. Elizabeth Glover says:

    I will surely stay tuned. You’ll get it right and soon you’ll be injection pros — about the time you’re done with the shots!
    Sorry about the headache.
    (I am in awe of you guys; if I even SEE a shot I practically cry and pass out.)

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