IVF – Follicle Ultrasound #4 (Stims Day #9)

Wow this is such a roller coaster. So much monitoring and uncertainty! Well, today was the first completely optimistic day at the IVF races.

I had my physical exam, to make sure I’m going in to egg retrieval healthy. I came in with fifteen billion questions to ask, so with all of that, my brain was too full to remember all the follicle sizes, but they are growing. And now it looks like there’s only one lead follicle for sure, so that is good and it means we’re definitely going to wait for the 5 to 7 in the trailing cohort to mature. Apparently at some point they do get on to exponential growth, which I didn’t realize, so that means I may need only an extra three days on meds.

“Only” an extra three days! Twelve days of injections is basically as long as they ever go, so I’ll be maxed out. This is getting towards $7,000 of medications y’all. But if it does the trick, it’ll be more than worth it!

Tomorrow is Saturday, so I have to drive down to the very southernmost tip of Denver for my ultrasound and blood work and a consult with anesthesia. Ovaries don’t take breaks on weekends, apparently.  So that’s it for today, big day tomorrow (driving-wise, if not otherwise). My therapist thinks I’m as prepared as I could possibly be, and has offered to support me via email next week when things get really real, if necessary. She’s an angel!

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