IVF – Follicle Ultrasound #3

I’m glad they do such close monitoring of follicles at CCRM, because it means they can tweak medications very precisely and catch anything that’s off early. Not all clinics do such frequent ultrasounds and blood tests. But it also means that the patient gets almost too much information! I mean yesterday there were two lead follicles, but now it looks like there’s just one that’s really out in front. So that makes a big change in strategy after just one day. Here are the follicle measurements (in millimeters):

Left: 18.5, 14.5, 10, 9, 8

Right: 11, 10, 10, 4

So now it’s looking like the strategy might be to wait even longer for those five follicles that are in the 9-11 mm range. That will mean more medications and more waiting. I don’t think they will ever go beyond 12 days of stimulation, which would be Monday. But if that’s necessary, it could be a nail biting time. It’s possible that I will have the option to retrieve just those larger two. In order to decide that, I need to know what the chances are that the other five just won’t ever get big enough. And also whether or not we could tweak medications to get more even growth and then just do another cycle.

Will meet with the Dr. on Friday to discuss everything. Of course tomorrow is the one day that we haven’t been able to find a babysitter for, so it might end up being the whole family at the fertility clinic!

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