IVF – Follicle Ultrasound #5 (Stims Day #10)

Pretty non-eventful trip to the CCRM in Lone Tree, CO today (Saturday). The ultrasound showed that the follicles are still growing, but slowly. I’m still hopeful I guess? But each follicle only seemed to gain about 1mm since yesterday, so the main cohort is at 10-13mm. We need to get to 17mm. Can it happen in two days? It will all depend on whether my estrogen is still doubling *, or whether it’s starting to plateau. I’ll have that answer this afternoon, but will be biting my nails down to the quick meanwhile. I’ll be pretty bummed if this one is a loss.

The anesthesia consult went great. Of course the anesthesiologist I spoke with will probably not be the one I’m assigned to on Tuesday or Wednesday or whenever the egg retrieval happens, if it happens, but at least they will have her scrawled notes, and I’ll be able to review it with them on the day of. It doesn’t take a lot of time to convey what’s needed anyway: just give me versed and let it work before rolling me into the OR. Pretty easy.

So I don’t know. Welcome to the roller coaster. If this doesn’t work, I’m sure we’ll just start over with another cycle immediately **. But gosh what a long haul it has been already.

* [Update: Estrogen levels are still rising, up to 1264 from 1081 yesterday and 800 the day before. So that is optimistic, I believe!]

** [Actually, we will probably dive into another cycle immediately, whether this egg retrieval is successful or not. That’s because even the most optimistic result is 7 eggs retrieved, which is sort of borderline on likelihood of having even one healthy embryo to implant.]

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