10-25-11 Jackson Trails (14 miles, 3960′ gain)

I guess I could call this another epic day (it was!) but at some point I’m going to have to redefine my threshold for what makes a hike epic. Oh well. Basically did the same hike as a few days ago, minus the improvising, and tacked on a few more hundred feet of elevation by making it further up Crystal Butte. Yee Haw. Foot is doing okay, but now my other foot is bothering me due to a massive crack in my heel that just won’t heal. Not enough to slow me down though!

I resisted the urge to tweak the contrast, but believe me, the clouds were freaky!

It was another beautiful day, but colder. In a strange way. It was 39F and sunny on top of Crystal Butte at 8760′ but I was in a t-shirt. Then by the time I got down to the city at 6200′ it was 41F and dusk, and I had to put on long-sleeves, a fleece and a jacket shell. The sun up here is that powerful!

Why are these rocks sitting in a tree? This was not the only time I saw this phenomenon.

Anyway, I feel like I could eat a horse right now. And I’ve already had dinner. Cheerio!

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