Bike to Piedmont County line (33.38 miles)

This guy would be invisible if he were perched on a leaf!

After two days of blistering heat all across Oklahoma, we finally got some seasonable weather today (high of 79F), so I had no choice but to hit the road. Plus there was the small matter of wanting to work off some of last night’s apple pie.

Waterloo Road is a series of very gently rolling hills.

Inspired by yesterday’s scenic drive to see Grandma Z in Kingfisher (40 miles NW of Edmond), I decided to head generally westward along Waterloo Road. I was out a bit longer than usual, and even began to get a bit sore near the end. This is good! I’m still out of shape if I want to get anywhere on a bike in Colorado, however.

Sunflowers didn’t want to hold still with the wind whipping through

My first wildlife sighting occurred before I’d even mounted my bike, in the form of a small frog perched on the latch of the gate by the garage! I was a bit worried about him, perched so high up. He’s clearly alive, since he moved around a bit, but was still on the latch when I returned 2 hours and 25 minutes later.

And now I will bombard you with more sunflowers!

This dirt road was almost bikeable, but still had too many medium-sized rocks for my poor roady tires.

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