There will be more to come

Residents of a sidewalk in Edmond

We’ve reached Boulder, CO after winding our way slowly through the mountains of New Mexico and southern Colorado. We’re here for another few days to search for apartments and do some other life chores that require more consistent cell and internet access.

Boulder is just as amazing as I remember it, if not more so. And Louis seems to love it too, which is good news since we already shipped our boxes out here, and he dove into the idea of living here, site-unseen. (So trusting he is!) 🙂 We did a massive driving tour today and set up a ton of apartment viewings, so I feel like I have a pretty good sense of the area now. And I’m liking it. A Lot. It blows my mind that mere humans created this beautiful city right at the edge of stunning mountains, and that I get to live here!!!

So, I’ll be gradually weeding through over 500 pictures in the evenings, but it might take a while. And we’ve got an early apartment viewing tomorrow, so I should sign off now. Here’s some wildlife to tide you over, care of Edmond, OK.

(For the sake of RSS chronology, I’m not going to back-date posts from now on, but I will put the date in the title, or the first line of text or something. Who knows whether this will be more or less confusing?)

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