More bike explorations in Edmond (26.8 miles)

A portion of today’s route

Improvised again on the bike today. This strategy paid off as I discovered a network of bike paths that don’t show up on google maps bike view yet. (I submitted a ticket, so hopefully it will be added soon). The park provided some rare hills in otherwise completely flat terrain.

I left at 10, biked for 1 hour 58 minutes, and by the time I got back it was just starting to get uncomfortably warm, even though it was only 80F. I surely would not survive summers here.

I was very happy to stumble across this bike path!

It was a gorgeous day, hitting 80 degrees by the time I was done at noon.

The snake and I startled each other before he slithered away.

Cute little guy! No idea what species, but I kept my distance.

For some reason I love power lines. I can’t explain it.

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