IVF – Follicle Ultrasound #1

This post is just a lot of boring details that I might want to remember later. The short version is that everything is progressing well so far.

First ultrasound today and all seems to be progressing pretty much as well as we could expect. Uterine lining was at 6mm. We’d like to see that climb up towards 14mm by egg retrieval day.

They saw 8 follicles, which is the same number that I had at the baseline measurement last month, so that’s expected. The follicles ranged in size from 5mm to 12mm, although most of them were 6-7mm. Nurse Emily said this variability in size is pretty normal, although the 12mm follicle may have to be sacrificed for the rest of the cohort. In other words, it may end up being “overcooked” by the time of retrieval. It sounded like that’s fairly common.

So for now I’ll stay on the same dosages of Menopur (2 vials) and Gonal F (300 units), but I’ll add in Cetrotide starting tomorrow morning. Cetrotide blocks GnRH and prevents premature ovulation, and is thus extremely important. That’s all for today. The next ultrasound is on Wednesday.

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