4 months 2 weeks – Marg and Phil visit Part 3 – Birthday

Sept 5th – Phil has Emily in stitches

Sept 5th – The birthday gal!

After a day at the Dunes, we had even more reason to celebrate – it was Margan’s 65th birthday! So we had cake and celebrations. A wonderful way to round out the trip!

Sept 5th – Emily helped blow out the candle.

Sept 5th – See, no vampires here.

Sept 5th – I took sooo many, many pictures, and most of them came out blurry. So you’ll have to use your imagination here. Imagine the best cake you’ve ever eaten. I never believed this was supermarket cake! It was too glorious.

Sept 6th – Morning Selfies.

Sept 6th – A quick jaunt in the morning before we had to leave for Boulder.

Sept 6th – That’s all folks! We were so sad to leave, but we had a great trip!!

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