14 weeks 5 days – backyard camping

Tonight we attempted some backyard camping. I live-facebooked the whole thing, so you can see how well that went. Temperature in the morning was 54F, and I was so paranoid that Emily was getting too cold. Her tiny hands were quite frigid! I have since purchased some little mittens for her, and have obtained permission from DH (Dear Husband) to put a knitted hat on her next time.

The Official Guide for Guilt-Free Parenting (HAHA) says absolutely no hats on sleeping babies. Then again, it does not have a chapter explaining how exactly to keep a baby warm while sleeping outside because *GASP* babies must always sleep in a crib with the temperature set to exactly 70 degrees in a germ-free, noise-isolated chamber where you should never let them cry for more than 7 nanoseconds. So yeah, we’re improvising here.

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