14 weeks 1 day

OMG there's a whole world out there! I can see it all!

OMG there’s a whole world out there! I can see it all!

Yikes, I was five days behind on updates here! Busy times. Emily has advanced by leaps and bounds meanwhile. To catch you up on the milestones:

  • She can now exchange smiles with people. Not just a little grin, but a full face open-mouth smile explosion.
  • Very easily rolls on her side, both directions. For play or sleep.
  • She can hold her head up amazingly well for tummy time, with a pillow under her chest. Head is still a bit wobbly when you hold her upright, tummy-to-tummy so she can look over your shoulder, but getting less wobbly by the day
  • When she sits on your lap facing you, her back is ramrod straight, which makes her much easier to support in a sitting position, as she’s not all a bag of jello.
  • Most exciting of all, today we had our first real back and forth conversation, where Emily tried out all the words she knows. It was truly mind-blowing! Her favorite word right now is annglongle. Definition yet to be determined.

Jeeze, talk about a developmental spurt!! Grandma Bet and David have been visiting, so that might have something to do with it (more sensory input combined with being ready for it anyway).

I love my grandma!

I love my grandma!

Mommy also hit a milestone this week too. We went on our first solo car errand today, a trip to Einstein Bros. bagels (and Starbucks!) Since I only got my driver’s license at age 33, driving with a baby in the back seat I felt like I was really adulting like a champ! The funny part was that I was more nervous about the baby wrangling (mostly because the pelvic muscles are still not quite strong enough to carry her in her car seat, so I needed to do an in-car exchange from car seat to front pack carrier) than about driving with a tiny delicate human. In fact I was definitely disappointed that the drive wasn’t longer. I’m going to do this *all the time* now! The novelty of driving (freedom!) has still not worn off after three years, so I don’t expect taking my baby around town will ever get boring either. She was especially smiley at the bagel shop, so I think she likes seeing the world with Mommy too!

Awe!! Emily feels so safe with grandma and grandpa.

Awe!! Emily feels so safe with grandma and grandpa.

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