BBQ, Bonfire, and Baby

Don't tell the fire department.

Today we paid a visit to some friends who live further south in New Hampshire (they do have names and a more exact location, but I’m being vague since this is a public blog). B and J are the mother and father of C, who is a precocious and happy eleven-month-old girl. They were extremely generous to let us set up a tent in their yard and stay as long as we liked, even though they’ve been extremely busy with their upcoming wedding, housework, and the umpteen-zillion activities they’re always involved with. Such fun folks! We’re all computer science/physics/astronomy geeks, so it’s always fun to hang out with them.

They were clearing out some woods that used to abut the house, so as to make a backyard and future play-area for C, so we had a bonfire in the evening with many of the chopped down trees.

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