White Mountains (day 3, Mt. Washington auto road)

This is 100-mile visibility.

Today turned out to be such a startlingly brilliant day, that we knew we had to be on top of Mount Washington. Neither of us being in physical condition for a serious hike this particular day, we took to the auto road. Plus, Louis loves “exciting” drives, something which I cannot relate to at all! I was a white-knuckled passenger and tried my best not to tell Louis when to shift and break. He is in fact an excellent driver, and I trust him completely, but that road is just intrinsically terrifying, ain’t no two ways about it. But we made it!

On top of the world

We spent a good 2 hours lazing around on top of Mt. Washington (6,288′), which is, as far as I’m concerned, the best way to experience it. It is a rare day indeed when the summit of Washington invites lazing around. The first time I ascended it with my mom, almost a decade ago, it was cold and rainy with maybe 20 feet of visibility and sustained 60 mph winds, and that was a typical day.

There's one of the AMC huts by a lake.

Cog Railway goes up to the top as well.

Occasionally, there was a cloud. Hello there!

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