Park Loop and Carriage trail bike ride (day 3)

Blackwoods and Seawall campgrounds still full, so we decided to find a private campground on the slightly less touristy West side of the island. Will stay 2 nights at Quietside camground. A lovely spot that lives up to its name. They even let us check in at 9:30am!

20.1 miles of killer views

Both of us were still pretty gimpy from yesterday, so Louis decided to do some reading on Sand beach while I finally made use of the bike that’s been so awkwardly taking up space in the back seat this whole trip. (Being a gimp and riding a bike makes more sense than it sounds; biking for me is like swimming for most people — like rehab for whatever ails me).

I'm told there is an actual sand beach.

The ride was sheer heaven. Beautifully maintained road, sunlight streaming through well-spaced trees, and mostly no fear of cars. (The Park Loop road is mostly one-way but has two lanes, which is ideal for bikers.)

Fog-capped islands in the distance

Southwest Harbor, on the way back to our campsite

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